About Andy

Hello, my name is Andy Pekema and I was born and raised in King City. I studied mechanical engineering at Cal State Long Beach, which is where I met my wonderful wife, Chrissy.

After college we spent several years in southern California, where I worked for Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Toyota, and Hyundai as an engineer. Throughout my time at those companies, I was responsible for managing complex projects and solving tough problems, while navigating tight budgets and schedules.

Soon after our daughter was born, I decided I was tired of sitting in traffic and missing her childhood, so we moved to Paso Robles. We chose Paso because I knew it was a great town from my frequent childhood visits, and was confident it would be the perfect place to raise my family.

I'm currently focused on raising our daughter, Hope, and preparing for our second daughter. I still dabble in engineering and run a small business repurposing vintage pianos into bars and decor.

We love Paso, but we've noticed a few issues that really need to be addressed, and I'm hoping to help. I believe I will bring a fresh perspective to our City Council along with the energy to get things done.